Mike Marriott

(Old Country-Blues and Folk)

The international multi-instrumentalist

MIKE MARRIOTT was born in England in a small village in the county of Essex.
In this beautiful, hilly landscape he grew up in a working-class family.
When he was 17, he started to travel. He learned to play the guitar and
wrote the lyrics for his songs. Later he built up his one-man-band with
bassdrums, harmonicas, hi-hat cymbals, kazoo, and mandola.

The songs that Mike plays are his own compositions in free style.
He was influenced by diverse artists, like The Beatles, Bert Jansch, Bob Dylan,
Incredible Stringband, Woody Guthrie, and others. We can easily call Mike
a 20th century Troubadour.

In the past years Mike travelled across Europe (England, Wales, Benelux, France,
Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Italy and Switzerland).
In October 1990 he was invited as a special guest to the
"International World Troubadour Festival of Curacao" (Caribbean).

The content of his songs reflects his vision of life. They are mostly based on
ordinary day to day happenings, with a little spark of humour and fantasy.
They are particularly about the positive side of life.

Mike has chosen this profession because he likes music and travelling,
and as a busker (= a travelling musician) he has the chance to play over and
over again for a very wide audience. His aim is to keep "the spirit" of
live music alive, attainable for everybody.

He has appeared on TV and radio, and has released two LPs before. And in
April 1999 he released his first CD "IN PERSON" with 17 songs, 12 of them
are his own compositions. You can buy this CD at Mike's concerts or
order it at ELIZA MUSIC.